Who are we?


Diyité ,development cooperation NGO, was founded in Barcelona in March 2004. It is anon-profit association with 28,804 number in the Register of the Generalitat de Catalunya and the 251 in the Catalan Agency for Development Cooperation.

Diyité means dignity in Creole,one of the official languages ​​of the country,and all our actions are aimed at restoring the dignity that is so in nate to them.



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What do we do?

Since 2009 Diyite has launched a program for the provision of microcredits along the lines of Grameen Bank. With these microcredits, many women in the South region of Haiti have been able to start small businesses or expand the existing ones, allowing them to support their families. There payment of amounts borrowed, together with monitoring and expansion of the program makes it possible that this action will expand to other areas of the country.



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What can you do?

If you wish to cooperate with us, you may become a member filling out the form you will find on this website and send it over by email or regular mail...


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How do we finance?


Our primary source of funding is the monthly member fees. The minimum fee is 6per month.






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